Check your balance

You can get an up-to-date credit card balance any time using:

View your transactions

You can check your credit card transactions or order a copy of your statement* any time using:

Pay your balance

You can pay your credit card bill** any time using:

Disputing a transaction

If you disagree with or are unsure about a transaction on your statement, call us on 0800 269 296 to complete a dispute form over the phone or download the following:

Please ensure you have attempted to resolve the dispute with the merchant before submitting a dispute with ANZ.

*Please also send a copy of any relevant information when you send the completed dispute form.  Once we receive your completed form we will investigate the transaction on your behalf.  We may be in contact to request additional information.

Important information: using your card in the UK and Europe  

There have been isolated reports of some New Zealand card holders being told by merchants in the UK and Europe that if they do not have a "chip and PIN" or "smart" card, they will not be able to use their credit cards.

ANZ would like to reassure cardholders that they should not be turned away by UK and European merchants because they are not transacting with a "chip and PIN" or "smart" card.

In the UK, almost all magnetic strip cards have been upgraded to "chip and PIN" or "smart"  cards. While UK "chip and PIN" cardholders have been required to use the PIN on their card since 14 February 2006, overseas cardholders are not affected and can still sign for purchases when using non-chip and PIN cards.

If you find that a retailer is not willing to accept your card, you should urge them to insert the card into the terminal. The terminal will read the card and will instruct the retailer to ask for your signature.

If you have problems with merchants refusing to accept your credit card, call us on 0800 658 044 (international +64 9 522 3010).

More information

For more information about using your ANZ credit card:

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Call 0800 658 044 (international +64 9 522 3010)

See Terms and Conditions for more information.

* Fees may apply.

** This information can be found on your credit card statement.

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