If you're looking for ways to get your everyday banking sorted, you've come to the right place. Here are some ideas to help you save time and money.

Choose the account that's right for you

Are you getting what you need from your everyday bank accounts?

If you aren’t, or if you'd like to make sure that you are, it's a good idea to regularly check  to make sure you are on the best suited product. Remember, ANZ offers a wide range of accounts and services to provide you with great options whatever your banking needs.

For example, you may want:

  • easy access to your account 24 hours, 365 days
  • the freedom to bank the way you want to
  • competitive interest rates
  • an overdraft for those cash flow emergencies
  • a Visa Debit card to allow you to make purchases online or over the phone
  • a special account for under 21s, full-time students or superannuitants.

Find out which of our accounts best meets your needs: 

You can change your everyday account type at any time. All your existing automatic payments, bill payments, direct debits or overdrafts you have set up on your account will remain in place. Your account number won't change, and you'll still be able to use your existing ANZ EFTPOS or Visa Debit card and cheque book – they won't need to be re-issued.

Simplify your banking

Everyday banking should be simple. If yours is getting complicated, it could be time to change. You'll save time and hassles and could save money too.

  • If you have accounts you don't use, close them so you don't keep paying unnecessary fees.
  • If you have a number of debts, such as personal and home loans, credit cards, store cards etc, it may be a good idea to combine them into one loan at the lowest possible interest rate. It'll be easier to manage, you'll pay less in interest and you could save on fees. Find out more:

Organise day-to-day finances

With just a few simple systems, it's easy to work out how much money you have, where you have it and where you're spending it, and then use this information to get your finances under control.

Track how much you spend each month so you can see where your money's going. Compare this with how much money comes in every month - are you happy with the difference?

If you'd like to make changes, you can use this information to re-arrange your financial habits or you can contact us for advice and options on how to better manage your money better.

Bank the way you want

Everyday banking is now easier than ever before. ANZ has developed multiple banking channels so you can do your banking on the go, not only using ATMs and EFTPOS, but also over the phone, online or using your mobile phone, with ANZ goMoney, New Zealand's favourite banking app.

Setting up a child's account

There are two ways to set up an account for a child:

1. In the child’s name

Choosing to open an account in a child’s name means they own the money, and they’re the only person who can make withdrawals from the account.

Children under 13 years old will need their parent’s (or guardian’s) permission to open an account. In this instance, it’s important to be aware of how the money can be accessed:

  • Money in accounts owned by children under seven years old can’t be spent at all. If the money will need to be accessed before the child is seven years old, you might like to think about opening an informal trust account (see below).
  • Once a child is seven years old, they’ll be able to make cash withdrawals in a branch, and if their parent permits it they can bank in other ways like using ANZ Internet Banking and EFTPOS.

After turning 13 years old, children will have full access to any accounts in their name, and will also be able to open accounts themselves.

2. Informal trust account

An informal trust account means that parents (and guardians) are able to open accounts in their own name, but they hold the money in trust for a child.

This means the parent has full access to money in the account, but any withdrawals need to be used for the benefit of the child.

If you’d like more information on opening an account for a child, talk to us today in any branch or call 0800 269 296.


More information

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